About Gianluca

Nerd is the new cool

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, i've studied advertising design in Caterina da Siena institute. I also achieved a special degree in web design.
I've always been attracted small particulars and i've found in collecting a great way to express myself. Details can't be casual and i've learned that it's a rule that exists in every aspect of life. Collector of Lego minifigures, Mattel action figures such other collectibles things, i also love to customize them with paint and decals.
Speaking of decals, i love to help my fellow collectors by making logos and printouts ready to be applied on various surfaces.

I also enjoy watching movies and TV series (i'totally addicted to them), the stories and psicologies behind the characters are the best parts of a movie.

Company i've worked with

In my over 5 years experience i had the privilege to work with big companies like Monster Italy and ContactLab


Do you have any question or curiosity you want to ask?
Just contact me and i'll gladly get back with a feedback!

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